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    There were many great events during 2015, take a look back at all the greats cars and places.

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    We had some great events in 2016, take a look what we got up to.

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    We had some great events in 2017, take a look what we got up to.

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    We had some great events in 2018, take a look what we got up to.

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  • Local Meetings

    There are regular monthly meetings in both the North & South of Devon. Read more about what's happening close to you.

    Local Meetings

Events Calendar

Below is a calendar of local events for the TSSC Devon area for the coming year. Our Wednesday evening meetings are held at the Claycutters Arms, Chudleigh Knighton unless noted otherwise, starting at about 7:30pm, and often feature a general knowledge quiz or similar. The Sunday meetings are to be moved around to allow us to visit other parts of the county and attract more members to the meetings, there are over 200 Devon members, so it would be great to see you all at least one event this year 

Let us know if you would like a meeting in your area, but bear in mind that the venue should have adequate car-parking and be suitable for members who want to bring children. 

This calendar will be regularly updated with new events as they are conmfirmed, so please visit regularly. If you are using Google calendars, the events can be easily added to yours by clicking 'Copy to my Google Calendar' when viewing the event information. 

Volunteer event organisers or ideas would be much appreciated, as we are always looking for suggestions for Sunday meetings or any other possible events. Use the contact page to get in touch.

**You will need a Google account to download entry forms from the calendar. If you don't have an account and don't want to sign up for one, then contact one of the AO's who will be glad to email whatever you need**